Denise-ism #62

Last night Denise was speaking to my Blogs to Wikis class about the legal implications of social software. She was going over exceptions to the 1st Amendment and was discussing obscenity and child pornography.

“Child pornography is a completely different animal altogether. Especially if you’re using animals.”

Best Denise quote ever

We went to see Troy last week. At the end of the movie, the Trojans drag the Trojan Horse into the city. They party, celebrating what they think is the abandonment of the war by the Greeks, and everyone collapses into a drunken stupor. Cut to the waiting Greek ships, hidden a few miles away, just waiting for the signal. Later that night, the sides of the horse slowly open, and out clamor the Greeks who were hidden inside.

DENISE (sincerely): Oooh … I knew that was going to happen!

Denise-ism #49

Denise is reading Ben Jones’ blog & laughing uproariously every minute or so. Then she finds a post that really kills her.

Denise (laughing): Listen to this one: “People make fun of the fact that I wear a Speedo when I swim.”

Scott: Like you are now.

Denise (outraged): I’m not wearing a speedo!

Denise-ism #65

I start playing Norah Jones.

Denise: I really like this music.

Scott: You say that every time I play it.

Denise: And you say that every time back to me.

Scott: Well, somebody’s stuck in a loop, and I don’t think it’s me.

Denise-ism #356

Denise talking about me, March 2003:

There’s a fine line between a freedom fighter and a conspiracy theorist … and sometimes I’m not sure which you are.

Denise-ism #90

A short conversation between Denise and I in March 2003:

Scott: “Why are there so many pickles in the kitchen sink?”

Denise: “Because I was cleaning out the bathroom!” (pause) “There’s something wrong when that statement makes perfect sense.”

Denise-ism #234

Another quote from my wife Denise in May 2003: So we’re sitting in the theater a while back watching the X-Men movie, and Denise leans over to me and whispers, in all seriousness: “Wow! This could be a comic book!”

Denise-ism #103

Me: “Denise, it’s like you’ve pushed a snowball down a steep hill, and it’s rolling and rolling, getting bigger and bigger …”

Denise: “… and now I’ve created a firestorm!”