Dates in History


January 26

2006: Members of the Stone Age tribe on Sentinel Island kill 2 fisherman whose boat drifts to their shore.


February 5

1862: Ulysses S. Grant examines a torpedo & runs up a ladder.


March 9

1862: World’s 1st battle between ironclad warships takes place.

March 13

1938: William Shirer & Edward R. Murrow give the world’s 1st radio news broadcast.


April 9

1865: Lee surrenders at Appomattox.

April 16

1902: Thomas L. Tally opens the Electric Theater in L.A., the 1st nickelodeon.

April 22

1915: Dr. Fritz Haber’s invention – gas warfare – was used by the Germans against French & Algerian troops in Belgium with green chlorine gas.


May 25

1897: James Newton Gunn receives patent fot tabbed index cards.

May 26

1828: Kaspar Hauser appears in the streets of Nürnberg, Germany.

1981: S. Pal Asija, a programmer and patent lawyer, receives the first software patent.


July 14

1789: Storming of the Bastille.


Sept. 11

1973: US-sponsored coup in Chile topples Allende & installs Gen. Augusto Pinochet

Sept. 18

1957: 8 lab workers walk off the job from William Shockley to form Intel.

Sept. 24

1960: The Howdy Doody Show ends after 2,243 episodes when Clarabell the Clown finally speaks.


Nov. 3

1988: The Morris Worm strikes the Internet.

Nov. 7

1940: Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses.

Nov. 12

1035: King Canute, who commanded the waves to stop, dies