A man who loves his feet

From Ben Jones’ Benblog, in February 2003:

My friend Ben Jones talks about his feet, back when he was a waiter: “My feet are my lifeblood. Even after I’m done waiting, I don’t think I’ll ever think of my feet the same way. They have been my best friends over the last year, suffering through miles of abuse and experimentation. Now, I know them better. I know what they like. They’re less like the strange reptilian appendages they sometimes seemed and more like mongoose, cute and furry and sleek, but capable of turning it on when danger is near. Riki-tiki-tavi. I love my feet.”

Denise-ism #356

Denise talking about me, March 2003:

There’s a fine line between a freedom fighter and a conspiracy theorist … and sometimes I’m not sure which you are.

Denise-ism #90

A short conversation between Denise and I in March 2003:

Scott: “Why are there so many pickles in the kitchen sink?”

Denise: “Because I was cleaning out the bathroom!” (pause) “There’s something wrong when that statement makes perfect sense.”

Denise-ism #234

Another quote from my wife Denise in May 2003: So we’re sitting in the theater a while back watching the X-Men movie, and Denise leans over to me and whispers, in all seriousness: “Wow! This could be a comic book!”

Denise-ism #92

11 July 2003:

David: “That tree is really dropping a lot of apples.”

Denise (helpfully): “It’s an apple tree!” 

Denise-ism #103

Me: “Denise, it’s like you’ve pushed a snowball down a steep hill, and it’s rolling and rolling, getting bigger and bigger …”

Denise: “… and now I’ve created a firestorm!”