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Problems with ID cards

From Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram of 15 April 2004: My argument may not be obvious, but it’s not hard to follow, either. It centers around the notion that security must be evaluated not based on how it works, but on how it fails. It doesn’t really matter how well an ID card works when used by […]

Protected: Why we cuss

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What passwords do people use? phpBB examples

From Robert Graham’s “PHPBB Password Analysis” (Dark Reading: 6 February 2009): A popular Website, phpbb.com, was recently hacked. The hacker published approximately 20,000 user passwords from the site. … This incident is similar to one two years ago when MySpace was hacked, revealing about 30,000 passwords. … The striking different between the two incidents is […]

Real-life superheroes

From John Harlow’s “Amateur crimefighters are surging in the US” (The Times: 28 December 2008): There are, according to the recently launched World Superhero Registry, more than 200 men and a few women who are willing to dress up as comic book heroes and patrol the urban streets in search of, if not super-villains, then […]

Protected: Taboo acts and language and how they work together

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Richard Stallman on why “intellectual property” is a misnomer

From Richard Stallman’s “Transcript of Richard Stallman at the 4th international GPLv3 conference; 23rd August 2006” (FSF Europe: 23 August 2006): Anyway, the term “intellectual property” is a propaganda term which should never be used, because merely using it, no matter what you say about it, presumes it makes sense. It doesn’t really make sense, […]

Usernames that botnets try

From Chapter 2: Botnets Overview of Craig A. Schiller’s Botnets: The Killer Web App (Syngress: 2007): Default UserIDs Tried by RBot Here is a list of default userids that RBot uses. Administrator Administrador Administrateur administrat admins admin staff root computer owner student teacher wwwadmin guest default database dba oracle db2

1 Henry VI: Astraea

From William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, part 1 (I: 6): CHARLES: Divinest creature, Astraea’s daughter, How shall I honour thee for this success? Astraea: in Greek religion and mythology, goddess of justice; daughter of Zeus and Themis. Because of the wickedness of man, she withdrew from the earth at the end of the Golden Age and […]

Weldon Kees, polymath

From The New Yorker‘s “The Disappearing Poet” (4 July 2005): [Weldon] Kees himself was toiling on a script, a spy thriller called “Gadabout” … Kees was introduced as “Mr. Weldon Kees, poet, painter, artist, etcetera, composer, critic, etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum.”

A living story, tattooed on flesh

From The New York Times Magazine‘s “Skin Literature“: Most artists spend their careers trying to create something that will live forever. But the writer Shelley Jackson is creating a work of literature that is intentionally and indisputably mortal. Jackson is publishing her latest short story by recruiting 2,095 people, each of whom will have one […]

Some anagrams of ‘Scott Granneman’

From Wordsmith.org search for ‘Scott Granneman’ Mrs. Gannet Canto Mr. Tangent can so! Ms. Canton Argent Macon Tangstern Marc Angstenton Marcston Gannet Marcson Gannett Cramson Gannett Grant Camsenton Canton Garments Torn Can Magnets Cannet Angstrom Scranton Magnet Engram Constant There are some pretty cool names in there!