Ramblings & ephemera

Movies in the night

Another image that enters my mind unbidden: My brother and I are spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa Scott’s house. We’re pretty young … I might be 8 and my brother 6 or 7. It’s the mid-70s. At our grandparents, we go to bed pretty early … say by 10 p.m. This night, Gus […]

Early winter morning with my father

An image of my father that enter my mind at odd times: I’m in high school in the early 80s, it’s the dead of winter and early in the morning, so it’s still dark out, and very cold. My Dad always got up at 6 a.m. and was at his gas station by 6:30. I’m […]

You always remember your first time

I remember the first day I ever got on the Internet. I was an English teacher working at a camp for gifted high school students, and a technologist was there talking about this thing called “the Internet” and how it was going to change everything. It sounded fascinating, so when I returned home a few […]

Memory memories

Some gathered thoughts on memory: Wanting to remember & forgetting, or knowing you’ll forget  My father’s memories, & a chosen few passed along to me – of those chosen (or random) few, how many do I pass along? Emotion recollected not in tranquility, but sometimes in seething emotion, in inner turmoil or pain Flow of […]