Memory memories

Some gathered thoughts on memory:

Wanting to remember & forgetting, or knowing you’ll forget 

My father’s memories, & a chosen few passed along to me – of those chosen (or random) few, how many do I pass along?

Emotion recollected not in tranquility, but sometimes in seething emotion, in inner turmoil or pain

Flow of memories, inspired by surroundings & other memories

"I remember deciding to remember the moment"

Linear vs. thematic storytelling

Ways to jog the memory: string on the finger – notes to self – phone calls – emails – Art of Memory – Simonides

Alzheimer’s – loss of memory

Mistaken memories – false memories – brainwashing


Collective memory

Old movies & videos for the family – photos passed down

The attachment of new memories, & new meanings, to family objects

Sensory memory: auditory, visual, textual, smell, taste

Deja vu

Proust’s Madeleine

Fune the Memorious – the importance of forgetting

How will we be remembered? How can we be remembered? What can we do to insure our memory lives on?