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Overheard at home, 20031110

Joe (my cousin from England): I just read somewhere that the average house in Missouri has 65 brown recluse spiders in it. Mom: Really? I wonder why we never see them if there’s so many? Scott: Hel-loo?! Because they’re re-clu-sive! They’re not called “brown friendlies”!

More on memory

Memories are passive fragments. — Scott Granneman

Quote by me

“When nature calls, I answer on the first ring.” — Scott Granneman

My new book – Linux Phrasebook – is out!

I’m really proud to announce that my 3rd book is now out & available for purchase: Linux Phrasebook. My first book – Don’t Click on the Blue E!: Switching to Firefox – was for general readers (really!) who wanted to learn how to move to and use the fantastic Firefox web browser. I included a […]

Ubuntu Hacks available now

The Ubuntu distribution simplifies Linux by providing a sensible collection of applications, an easy-to-use package manager, and lots of fine-tuning, which make it possibly the best Linux for desktops and laptops. Readers of both Linux Journal and TUX Magazine confirmed this by voting Ubuntu as the best Linux distribution in each publication’s 2005 Readers Choice […]

An interesting way to look at DRM

From “The Big DRM Mistake?“: Fundamentally, DRM is a about persistent access control – it is a term for a set of technologies that allow for data to be protected beyond the file system of the original machine. Thus, for example, the read/write/execute access control on most *nix file systems will not only be applicable […]

A historical ‘what if’

History is interesting. Do you know why Hitler had that little moustache? Because Charlie Chaplin had one. It’s true! He knew that Germans liked Charlie Chaplin, and he thought it would help them like him more, so he grew a moustache like Charlie Chaplin. Can you imagine how history would have changed if The Three […]

Jans on vagueness

Jans & I work in the same room, about 8 feet apart, with our backs to each other. Jans: What the heck is that? Me: What is “that”? What do you mean by “that”? (A couple of hours pass …) Jans: Huh. Where is it? Do you know where it is? Me: What do you […]

Scottism #43

Me (talking to myself): Where did I put that sweater? Me (talking to myself, but in a different voice): Oh, there it is. Denise: What was that? Me: I talk to myself in different voices so it’s more like a conversation.

My new book – Hacking Knoppix – available now

Knoppix is one of the great innovations in open source software in the last few years. Everyone that sees it wants to use it, since it is that rarest of software tools: the true Swiss Army Knife, capable of use by unsophisticated, experienced, and wizardly users, able to perform any of several hundred (if not […]

Mom’s spoonerisms

“I’d forget about the whole fam damily.” “That’s one mell of a hess!”

My first book – Don’t Click on the Blue E! – is out!

For all those surfers who have slowly grown disenchanted with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, Don’t Click on the Blue E! from O’Reilly is here to help. It offers non-technical users a convenient roadmap for switching to a better web browser – Firefox. The only book that covers the switch to Firefox, Don’t Click on […]