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Speaking at SLUUG: Amazing, Stupendous, Mind-Blowing Apps for iPad2

Jans Carton & I are delivering a talk at the St. Louis UNIX Users Group at 6:30 pm this Wednesday, 8 June 2011, titled “Amazing, Stupendous, Mind-Blowing Apps for iPad2”. We’ll be demoing iPad apps live for everyone. If you want to find out more about the iPad, or discover some awesome new iPad apps, […]

Jans on vagueness

Jans & I work in the same room, about 8 feet apart, with our backs to each other. Jans: What the heck is that? Me: What is “that”? What do you mean by “that”? (A couple of hours pass …) Jans: Huh. Where is it? Do you know where it is? Me: What do you […]

Jans clarifies it for us

Back in November 2002, a bunch of us went camping in a cabin in the woods. Around midnight, we were sitting around the fire, talking. The subject of crime came up, specifically the statute of limitations. Scott: I think the statute of limitations doesn’t apply only in cases of murder and rape. Denise: That’s right. […]

Bringing up the rear

Two things people have said about Jans: "With friends like Jans, who needs enemas?" "Jans is a social laxative – he loosens everyone up." 

Great band names, part 24

So Jans & I are talking at the Broadway Oyster Bar last night, and all of a sudden Jans says, “Have you ever noticed how many diseases and other medical terms would make great band names? Like The Multiple Lacerations. Or The Compound Fractures.” “You’re right!” I replied. “How about The Bleeding Ulcers? And The […]

David evaluates Jans

Warning: this will mean nothing unless you know the two parties involved. David H. was drunk and for some reason we asked him if he found Jans attractive. His reply: No! He’s Scottish! And brutish! I feel like he’d take over my country and invade my netherlands!