Are Christians persecuted in the US? Uh, no.

A woman on Facebook claimed that Christians are “persecuted” in the US. I responded:

Christians are being persecuted in the US? Please.

Wikipedia: “Religious persecution is systematic mistreatment of an individual or group due to their religious affiliation.”

Under that definition, there is no freaking way that Christians are persecuted in the US.

The majority religion in the US is Christian (Wikipedia: “The majority of Americans [76%] identify themselves as Christians”). The majority religion in the WORLD is Xn. 99% of all people in Congress are Xn. It is impossible to get elected to the highest offices unless you are Xn. In virtually every school in the US, tell the other “kids” you’re Xn, & it’s no big deal; tell them otherwise, & there’s a chance you’ll get your ass kicked. Make it known that your business is backed by Xn owners, & you’ll increase sales; do otherwise, & sales can suffer. When athletes are interviewed, they talk about being Xn. Business leaders talk about being Xn. There are 1000s of Xn magazines & publishing co’s in the US. There are 10s of 1000s of Xn churches. Churches are not taxed. There are 1000s of Xn radio stations, TV stations, bookstores, & musicians. Virtually every college has a Xn group, or two, or three. Xns talk about their faith freely on Facebook & other social networks.

Face it: in America, it is perfectly NORMAL and ACCEPTED to be a Xn. & just because you live in a country that is pluralistic doesn’t mean you’re persecuted.

Don’t give me this stuff that Xns are persecuted in the US. The facts do not bear you out in any way.