How much does stolen identity info cost?

From The New York Times‘ “Countless Dens of Uncatchable Thieves“:

In the online world, he operates under the pseudonym Zo0mer, according to American investigators, and he smugly hawks all manner of stolen consumer information alongside dozens of other peddlers at a Web site he helps manage.

“My prices are lowers then most of other vendors have and I will deliver them in real time,” reads a typically fractured Zo0mer post.

At the same forum, another user, “tabbot,” offers “any U.S. bank accounts” for sale.

“Balance from 3K and above: $40,” he writes. “Regular brokerage accounts from 3K and above: $70.”

Tabbot also offers full access to hacked accounts from credit unions. One, with a $31,000 balance, is being sold for $400. “I can try search specific info such as signature, ssn, dob, email access,” tabbot writes. “Account with an extra info will be more expensive.”