Articles read on 20 November 2003

The CUPS printing system

The Linux Process Scheduler

"Learn all of your favorite Linux scheduling ins and outs: policy, the scheduling algorithm, preemption and context switching, real-time scheduling, and Scheduler-Related System Calls."

The final irony,3605,985375,00.html

"’Isn’t it ironic?’ You hear it all the time – and, most of the time, actually no, it isn’t. Hypocritical, cynical, lazy, coincidental, more likely. But what is irony and why did pundits think it would die two years ago, after September 11? Zoe Williams meticulously, sincerely, unironically, hunts it down."

Patch and Pray

"It’s the dirtiest little secret in the software industry: Patching no longer works. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Except maybe patch less. Or possibly patch more."

Open-Source King of Data Backup

"But is Rsync an industrial-strength tool that enterprises can substitute for commercial back-up wares? That depends on the size and scale of a network. It is, however, an indispensable utility, useful for many online file-transfer applications."